Where Weather Fans Live


Special Guests

John Lindsay -David Manuel-Kevin Rhea

discuss this week on The Housing Hour one of their true passions in life-Weather! John, David and Kevins’ life path has intersected at this  East Tennessee crossroad due to a common love of weather.   As a result, they have created a Facebook pages for, as their motto reads, ‘Where Weather Fans Live’.     They invite all weather enthusiasts to join the daily discussion about the weather regardless of where you live,  they want to talk about how weather affects you!

Where Weather Fans Live

The Housing Hour Host-Kevin Rhea has been a  weather enthusiast since the Tennessee Blizzard of  1993.   He’s has been known to set out to all parts of the East Tennessee region hunting the perfect snow storm. John Lindsay has had a similar experience since he was a young boy, finding himself in total awe of weather events and a drive to be able to predict future storms. David Manuel is the newest member,  adding great knowledge of the technical and scientific side of weather coupled with excellent communication skills. 

All three of these talented men build the perfect forum “Where Weather Fans Live”!

So join the discussion this week- where we talk about the weather but can’t do a thing about it!

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Housing Trends: Dr. Ralph DeFranco


Special Guest

Dr. Ralph DeFranco

Global Chief Economist,

Arch Capital Services,

joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss the latest housing trends. Dr. DeFranco specifically discusses the trends across Tennessee from Memphis to Johnson City.   Topics also include a look at the global economy including the mortgage interest rates and the potential impact of legislative policies.

You don’t want to miss this show!

Also, Dr. Defranco has written a quarterly economic report packed full of the latest economic information, trends, and predictions.

Arch Mortgage Insurance (Arch MI)

Arch MI is dedicated to providing risk management and risk financing products to the mortgage insurance sector worldwide, through their three distinct platforms in the United States, Europe, and Bermuda.  Their group of dedicated mortgage insurance and reinsurance professionals understands the unique requirements and challenges of mortgage insurance markets around the globe.  Their market-specific knowledge and expertise enable their teams to provide creative and commercially viable solutions for their clients. Superior analytics and risk assessment combined with outstanding client service are at the forefront of all their activities.

Global Locations

  • Bermuda

  • United States

    • Walnut Creek, California
  • Europe

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