The Broken HR: Greg Chambers


Special Guest

Greg Chambers

author of “UnChosen” joins The Housing Hour for Part II-The Broken HR. Greg describes the common flaws in the employment hiring process throughout our countries HR departments as he navigated through the employment process. Greg offers tips and suggestions on how to increase your visiablity to the HR managers and hiring specialists.

The Broken HR:

Components of a  job search

Job postings


The Interview

Listen to Park I-Surviving Job loss

Job loss is a traumatic experience that can tear you apart. It is an emotional and traumatic experience that impacts your social, economic and psychological status quo. The workplace is not designed to help you recover from being UnChosen. Managers, recruiters, and friends don’t understand it and are unable to help you unless they have also been through the experience. This book is a guide through this journey from two authors who have experienced it several times and moved on to recovery. UnChosen discusses the impact through personal experience, chronicles the journey, and offers a path to recovery. It is a guide to surviving the new workplace where company loyalty is disappearing and career-minded workers need to become more self-reliant to survive. This book will help you understand what you are experiencing and how to emotionally prepare for moving your life forward from job loss. Greg and Peter have written their experiences to help you conquer those obstacles and become free again.


UnChosen: Surviving Job Loss


Special Guests

Greg Chambers and Peter Jones

joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss their new book, UnChosen: Surviving The Emotional Trauma Of Job Loss. Greg and Peter masterfully describe the emotional trauma inflicted on individuals and families from the sudden unexpected impact of job loss.  While explaining the tough feeling of shame, pain, and worthlessness, they also give a message of comfort and hope.

Join Kevin and Mark as they unpack the daunting story of the “UnChosen”.

Buy now:

Job loss is a traumatic experience that can tear you apart. It is an emotional and traumatic experience that impacts your social, economic and psychological status quo. The workplace is not designed to help you recover from being UnChosen. Managers, recruiters, and friends don’t understand it and are unable to help you unless they have also been through the experience. This book is a guide through this journey from two authors who have experienced it several times and moved on to recovery. UnChosen discusses the impact through personal experience, chronicles the journey, and offers a path to recovery. It is a guide to surviving the new workplace where company loyalty is disappearing and career-minded workers need to become more self-reliant to survive. This book will help you understand what you are experiencing and how to emotionally prepare for moving your life forward from job loss. Greg and Peter have written their experiences to help you conquer those obstacles and become free again.



Erik Ainge UT Spring Game Report


Special Guest

Erik Ainge

of The Erik Ainge Show joins The Housing Hour this week to give our listeners an inside look at UT Vols spring practice and the upcoming Orange and White game. You don’t want to miss this in-depth look at coaches, players, and great stories from one of UT legends of the game!

The Erik Ainge Show can be heard on Sports Radio WNML  M-F 9am to Noon.

Also,  Erik and Johnny Majors will be LIVE at Tailgate Clothing in Market Square from 11 am-1pm on Friday, April 21st (Friday before the Orange and White Game).  Get an autograph and or picture, and while you’re there, please check out all of our Vintage Vols clothing!  They will also have specials that day.

The EA Show will be broadcasting LIVE from 9-Noon that day and then Erik will be hanging out afterward for photos and autographs. Don’t miss it!



USDA: Rural Housing Loans


 Special Guests


Don Harris and John Prince

from Rural Development (USDA) are this week’s guests on The Housing Hour.  Don Harris is the Housing Program Director for Tennessee, and John Prince is the Guarantee Housing Coordinator.  Don and John join our discussion to explain the wonderful advantages of the 100% financing option available through Rural Development. Don also explains the Rural Housing Direct program and housing repair programs made possible for millions of Tennessee families.

Don and John also talk about the Number  One RD Lender in Tennessee for 2016:

Mortgage Investors Group!

Over 100,000,000 Dollars Closed Loans!

MIG: Number One Rural Housing Lender In Tennessee for 2016!

Property Eligibility

USDA Rural Home Loan

Do you know what a USDA rural loan is? FYI, if you aren’t familiar with the term, it has nothing to do with high-quality beef. USDA rural loans help moderate to low-income individuals buy homes, with 100% financing and NO down payment. You don’t need to farm or raise livestock for a living to get one of these home loans. In all seriousness, USDA rural loans are mortgages backed by the US Department of Agriculture that often apply to areas that aren’t so rural at all. Many people are obtaining USDA loans in neighborhoods that are considered suburban.

Invest in Your Future

These loans were designed to bring strength and capital to rural communities by offering loans, grants and loan guarantees that support economic and social development. USDA rural programs are responsible for millions of dollars of loans, creating jobs and wealth for communities across America. Right now, mortgage rates are very low, and with a USDA rural loans, they’ll get even lower. Click here for to see a list of all the Housing Hour’s podcasts on Loan Programs.

Single Family Direct Loans

To obtain a single family direct loan, the applicant must meet the minimum income requirements for the area in which they wish to purchase a home. Household income cannot be more that 115% of the median income for that area. Lenders will also look at your debt-to-income ratio when determining your eligibility.

With single family direct loans, many Americans who never thought they could afford loans, are buying their homes. This is fortunate for families with limited income or tight budgets. If you plan on working and taking care of your family, these loans can help you to quickly build equity and credit. Home improvements and additions can put money back into your pocket as well. Check out the Protect Your Family Series from the Housing Hour to get more ideas and tips on protecting your loved ones.

These loans apply to small towns only, with a population of fewer than 20,000 people. The buyer must also be using the property as primary residence, and have a good credit rating. In many cases renting can cost hundreds of dollars more than making payments on your home. This is good news for families that qualify for FHA mortgages but cannot cover the cost of the down payment.

Give this episode of the Housing Hour a listen for expert advice and information on USDA loans.

Knoxville Marathon


Special Guest:

Tina Muir

Running For Real


Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon

 Jason and Kristy Altman.

Tina Muir

 is an elite runner.  Her PRs are 16:08 (5k), 33:24 (10k), 1:13 (Half Marathon), and 2:36 (Marathon). After growing the  Run to the Top Podcast to over 150,000 downloads per month,  she has gone after one of her passions; helping people to feel good about themselves, through a community called Running for Real.

Her website is devoted to helping YOU feel good about your running and who YOU are, so you too, can be the best YOU can be! She wants you to Be Brave. Be Strong. Be You!

Tina will share the ups and downs, the ins and outs of her training and what she is currently doing to be better. She prides herself on being real, so if you are looking for those perfect looking images of chiseled bodies who say how wonderful life is all the time, you are in the wrong place!

Tina promises you to be real, even if it means showing weakness or vulnerability.

Listen to the first 2 segments of our show today to hear Tina’s tips!

Also today:

Jason and Kristy Altman

Jason Altman is the Race Director for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is the Knoxville Track Club’s largest event.   He has served as the Race Director since 2007. Prior to that time, he served as a volunteer for the event in 2006 and ran the inaugural marathon in 2005. In his role,  Jason oversees all event operations including sponsorship recruitment, leading key volunteers, recruiting volunteers, and all race weekend logistics.

Jason also serves the community as the Chair of the Knox County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and as a member of the City of Knoxville Greenways Commission.  He recently began service on the Active Communities Committee which is a partner group to the Community Health Council.

Jason is an accomplished runner with 4 wins at the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. In 2016, he won the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in November and then the Kiawah Island Marathon in December.  He has won several other events at various distances.

Jason was honored in  2014  as the recipient of the Greater Knoxville’s Business Journal 40 Under 40 and is a graduate of the Introduction Knoxville program through Leadership Knoxville.

Kristy Altman is the Executive Director for Knoxville Track Club. KTC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage lifelong physical well-being through running and walking. The vision is “Healthy living, healthy community – one step at a time.” In her role,  Kristy oversees all operations including 10 staff members, 1000s of volunteers, road and trail races, RunKNOX, social programming, youth programs including the newly formed Knoxville Youth Runs, Tennessee Sports Medicine Group Farragut Events and more. KTC’s largest event is the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. In addition,  Kristy founded Altman Consulting which offers communications and public relations services to local nonprofits and small businesses. She is a certified group exercise instructor through the American Council on Exercise and trained yoga instructor and taught locally for many years.

Kristy serves the community on various boards including the Community Health Council (Previous Chair), Leadership Knoxville (Board Member, Governance Committee Chair, and Facilitation Committee Member), United Way of Greater Knoxville, BikeWalk Knoxville Advisory Council, Rocky Hill Elementary PTO Board of Directors (Communications Chair), and various other committee commitments.  She is an Expert for the Alliance for Better Nonprofits and provides training and services for members. Kristy was previously a founding board member for Volunteer Knoxville and served as a mentor for tnAchieves for many years.  Kristy is a 2013 recipient of the Greater Knoxville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 and a graduate of the Leadership Knoxville 2013 as well as the Fall 2010 Introduction Knoxville Program.


First Time Homebuyer- Down Payment Program


Special Guests

                       Lindsay Hall    and   Rhonda Ronnow

of THDA joins The Housing Hour this week to explain one of the hottest First Time Homebuyer programs in Tennessee.    Lindsay Hall is Chief Administrative Officer of Single Family Programs and Rhonda Ronnow is Director of Single Family Loan Operations. Lindsay and Rhonda explain the new $15,000 Downpayment program for selected zip codes areas in Tennessee and how you may be able to apply!

THDA Announces $15,000 Incentive to Homebuyers in Targeted Neighborhoods

Contact a Loan Officer at MIG to find out details!


If you’re purchasing a home with a Great Choice Home Loan in one of the participating ZIP Codes, you can apply for our HHF-DPA program, which offers $15,000 in assistance regardless of the home’s purchase price.

Participating ZIP Codes:

37037 37040 37042 37073 37086 37110 37115 37148 37172 37186
37207 37208 37217 37218 37303 37311 37321 37323 37404 37406
37411 37412 37416 37660 37716 37721 37813 37821 37871 37912
37914 37917 37921 37924 38012 38016 38018 38053 38063 38105
38107 38109 38111 38115 38116 38122 38125 38127 38128 38133
38134 38135 38141 38301 38305

How It Works

If you’re approved, your financial assistance comes in the form of a forgivable $15,000 second mortgage loan on your home.

The second mortgage has a 0% interest rate and no monthly payments for the 10 year term. The loan is forgiven at 20% per year in years 6 through 10.See forgiveness schedule below.

After Year What you owe if you sell, refinance, or move out
0 – 5 $15,000
6 $12,000
7 $9,000
8 $6,000
9 $3,000
10 $0

To be eligible, you must purchase an existing home (new construction is not allowed) using a Great Choice first mortgage loan in an eligible ZIP Code, and you must complete a THDA-certified Homebuyer Education class with an agency approved to work with HHF-DPA homebuyers. Find an approved HHF-DPA class provider in your area.

If that sounds like a great choice to you, here’s how to find out if you qualify for a Great Choice Home Loan:

Additional terms and conditions apply. Talk to an approved lender to help determine if you qualify and if this program may be right for you. You must comply with the terms and conditions of the Great Choice Home Loan Program and HHF-DPA second mortgage loan or penalties may apply, including immediate repayment.

You must meet THDA homebuyer education requirements, which consists of pre-purchase and post purchase education (typically combined into one “combo” class), prior to closing your loan. You can meet this requirement by completing the class online or by attending an in-person class through an approved HHF-DPA counseling agency.

It is best to sign up for the class as early in the homebuying process as possible, and we strongly encourage you to complete the class at least four weeks before your closing date.

Find the approved HHF-DPA counseling agency closest to you:

In-Person Classes

If you prefer to take an in-person class, please identify the provider closest to you that offers in-person Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Combo classes. Please note that some providers on the calendar are not approved for HHF-DPA classes.

Click here to find an in-person Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Combo class near you.

Online Classes

Be sure to identify the provider closest to you that provides online classes. Please note that some providers on eHome America are not approved for HHF-DPA.

Click here to find a participating online provider, who offers Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase courses.

Upon completion of both courses, a counselor will contact you within 2 business days to complete a one hour follow up session. You may contact the participating agency directly for additional assistance.



Wildlife Solutions – Michael Harris


Special Guest

Michael Harris,

Wildlife Solutions,

joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss the latest threats to the East Tennessee area.   Two new animals have been sighted in the Knoxville and surrounding areas that pose a potential threat. Michael describes the animals and what you should do to protect your family.

The topic for this week’s show:

  • Ground Hogs
  • Skunks
  • Armadillos
  • Cougars-big cats*

Wildlife Solutions LLC. specializes in keeping your home, yard, or property free of outside wildlife. Located in Knoxville, TN we provide all of Knox County and surrounding areas with friendly, professional and humane wildlife removal services.  Their licensed and experienced professionals are available, at your convenience, to evaluate and take care of any problem that you have whether it is bats or squirrels in your attic, raccoons getting into your garbage, or mice getting into your living area.

Their primary goal is not only to remove the animals currently causing your problem but to keep more from returning.  They ensure that they can locate and capture these intruders in a timely and efficient manner with little to no damage to your home and property.  Their service is quick, reliable and most calls can be treated with a same-day or next-day appointment because we know the longer these nuisances stay, the more potential damage they can do. In most cases, the pest problem has existed for a long time prior to the discovery.

Wildlife Solutions offers preventative evaluations to your home that will detect animal entry points, potential problem areas, and existing issues. If a problem is discovered, we give you a step-by-step summary of the process needed to solve your animal invasion before we get started. Once our plan is executed, we ensure that you will be satisfied with the results. Avoid using DIY techniques that lead to messy cleanups, inconsistent results, and long execution times. Go ahead and call our experienced staff at Wildlife Solutions to help with your animal control problem.

Call One of  their Animal Removal Experts


East Tn sighting–395919281.html

*Cougars are shy, nocturnal, solitary, secretive animals, with large home ranges. Because of their behavioral patterns, the likelihood of encountering a cougar is extremely slim, even in areas with established populations. To show how rare a cougar attack is, compare the number of human fatalities resulting from cougar attacks to those resulting from other hazards from animals or nature. In the 100 years between 1890 to 1990, in the U.S. and Canada, only 10 humans died due to cougar attacks.1 Every year in the U.S. an average of 26 human deaths are the result of dog attacks, 3 deaths from bear attacks, 12 deaths from rattlesnake bites, 40 deaths from bee stings, and 90 deaths from lightning strikes. Also considering there have been no confirmed sightings of a cougar between the years 1900 and 2015 in Tennessee, the chances of a cougar encounter are even smaller.

Even if the chances of encountering a cougar are minuscule, it doesn’t hurt to know what to do! Cougars are large predatory carnivores and if you see one, it might be deciding whether or not you’d be an easy meal. Never run, but instead make yourself threatening by standing tall, waving your arms, throwing objects, and yelling. Don’t turn away, but back away slowly, and towards shelter like a car or house if possible. Pepper spray may also be effective. If you’re with a group of people, gather together. Dogs and children have a tendency to run and they are more vulnerable than you, so pick them up so they don’t become a target. If the animal attacks, fight back! Do not play dead. Report the encounter to local authorities and TWRA as soon as possible.- See more at:

Leave It To Kleber: Steve Kleber


Special Guest

Steve Kleber

of Kleber and Associates joins The Housing Hour this week to give us an update from the NAHB 2017 International Builders’ Show. During the three-day event, manufacturers debuted their most innovative products to audiences from around the globe.  The K&A team hunted down the most important channel opportunities at Design & Construction Week and observed the emergence  of three major industry trends:

  • Freestanding Kitchen Furniture
  • Homes of the Future
  • Skilled Labor Shortage

Plus innovative products discussed:


SharkBite is a provider of plumbing and water control systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


Tune in this week and Leave It To Kleber to tells us everything that’s going on!

Leave It To Kleber: Steve Kleber


Message from Steve:

We specialize in building products sales and marketing

At Kleber & Associates, we don’t try to be experts in every product category. We don’t work on running shoes one minute and disposable diapers the next. Instead, we focus exclusively on just one type of account—building products.

For nearly three decades, we’ve lived and breathed commercial and residential building products. We’ve come to know the architects, the builders, and the contractors. We’ve talked endlessly with facilities managers, dealers, and distributors. We’ve learned how to reach them and persuade them. And because we focus on just one industry, we know that industry’s gatekeepers and influencers. Its outlets and buyers.

We know how to generate demand and drive distribution. And perhaps most importantly, in residential, we understand what homeowners and homebuyers think, what they want to buy, and what they’ll be buying next. In commercial, we understand the needs of the architect, contractor, facilities manager, owner, and tenant.

In other words, when it comes to building materials and building products, we don’t consider ourselves to be general practitioners of marketing and advertising. We’re specialists, pure and simple. That’s why we’re the best at what we do.”





Adams Law: Terry Adams


Special Guest


Terry Adams, Esq

joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss his companies, The Adams Law Firm and Admiral Title.  Terry has been a long  time sponsor of The Housing Hour and has appeared several times on our show. His depth of knowledge and experience is always welcome as we try to unwrap the complexities of the Real Estate Market and the laws that govern it.

The Adams Law Firm
8517 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: (865) 531-6440
Fax: (865) 381-1394

Terry Adams is a Navy veteran, entrepreneur and attorney. Adams is the founder and managing attorney of the Adams Law Firm and Admiral Title, Inc. Currently he sits on the Tennessee Bar Association’s Executive Committee for Sports & Entertainment. Terry Adams focuses his practice on negotiations, contracts and business litigation. Terry has been peer reviewed as a “Top Attorney” in several categories as published in Knoxville Cityview Magazine, including in 2013 in the categories of Real Estate Development & Financing Law, Business/ Commercial Law, and Sports & Entertainment Law.

Terry grew up in Nashville and is a graduate of the University of Memphis Law School and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Adams’ roots and experiences span the state of Tennessee. Now, he and his wife, Phillis, live in Knoxville. Terry is a former Certified National Football League Players Association Contract Advisor, a member of the American Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, and the Knoxville Bar Association. He served in the United States Navy Reserves for 8 years. Adams enlisted in the Navy during high school and went to UT on the Montgomery GI Bill.

Actively involved in the Knoxville community, Terry has volunteered countless hours to local budding entrepreneurs through his small business initiative. He also volunteers many hours of pro-bono legal services to those in need in the Knoxville area. In addition, Terry has served on the board of non-profit organizations including currently serving on the community advisory board for the Junior League of Knoxville.

Terry is licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Tennessee, United States Tax Court, and United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee. Among his many published articles he is the author of The Art & Science of Negotiation; Business Law: Representing the Whole Client; and Getting it Right When it Counts – Crisis Management and Critical Decision Making.

The Adams Law Firm, Inc.
*Founder of the Adams Law Firm, a full service business, transactions and litigation law practice.

Tennessee Bar Association
*Executive Counsel of the Sports and Entertainment Law Section
*Legal Clinic and Legislative Committees

Admiral Title, Inc.
*Founder and President of Admiral Title, Inc.

Political Experience
*Helped candidates for the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives on issues regarding fundraising, campaign management, and substantive policy positions

United States Navy
*Served and a NCO in the United States Navy Reserve. Service from 1989-1997.

University of Memphis School of Law, JD
*International Law Society, *Criminal Law Society, *Sports and Entertainment Law Society

University of Memphis Law School Legal Clinic
*Civil Litigation and Elder Law Clinics

University of Tennessee – BA, Political Science
*Study abroad in Budapest, Hungary & Madrid, Spain
*Executive Undergraduate Program

United States Army War College
*2008 attendee and new member of the National Security Seminar.

Harvard Law School
*Program on Negotiation (Program of Instruction for Lawyers)
*Certificates in Basic and Advanced Negotiation

NFL Players Association Contract Advisor
*2006 – Certified by the NFLPA as a Contract Advisor.

Better Business Bureau Arbitrator
*Certified Arbitrator for the BBB-Auto Line

*Sports Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, Knoxville Bar Association, Tennessee Association for Justice, Community Advisory Board Member of the Knoxville Area Junior League


Vol For Life: Erik Ainge


Special Guest

Erik Ainge

visits The Housing Hour  to help celebrate our return to NewsTalk 98.7 FM on Saturdays 3p to 4pm.

Join us as  we talk about our true passion and love-Tennessee Vols!

Plus an extra bonus: Host Kevin Rhea is thrilled to have his father-John Rhea- joins the discussion as a specially distinguished guest!

Erik has a new show on WNML – The Erik Ainge Show- heard weekdays from 9am to noon.   Ainge joins Sports Radio WNML to host The Erik Ainge Show with Brian Rice Monday – Friday from 9am to noon. Ainge, an Oregon native, played for the University of Tennessee from 2004 – 2007, during which time he racked up numerous awards and honors from the SEC and across college football. In the years since his professional football career, Erik established himself firmly in the Knoxville community and set roots that, along with his football connections, provide a listening experience that is exclusive and exciting for all college football fans.