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USDA Rural Home Loan


Special Guests Don Harris, Housing Program Director and John Prince, Program Coordinator join The Housing Hour this week to discuss the advantages of 100% financing with a USDA Rural Housing Loan.  They also take the time to congratulate Mortgage Investors Group on being the #1 Rural Housing Lender in Tennessee for 2014! Mortgage Investors Group  … Continue reading USDA Rural Home Loan

May 12, 2015

TRID Rule Coming Soon

Jesse Lehn, EVP Mortgage Investors Group

Special Guest Jesse A. Lehn, Executive Vice President, Mortgage Investors Group joins The Housing Hour to discuss the big change in home loan closing procedure issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will take effect August 1st.  The change may seem to be confusing and cumbersome  but with the experienced team at Mortgage Investors … Continue reading TRID Rule Coming Soon

May 5, 2015

Crazy Home Inspections Too!

Clayton Home Inspection

 Crazy Home Inspections Too! Jack Feldmann, Clayton Inspection Service Inc, joins The Housing Hour for another show with crazy home inspection pictures that will have you stretching your head in total amazement! Listen and click on the photos as we talk about the most bizarre Rube Goldberg’s  repairs and property conditions that you’ve ever seen! … Continue reading Crazy Home Inspections Too!

April 28, 2015

BAIR Analytics: Crime Maps


Protect Your Family Series Continues: CEO-Sean Bair, BAIR Analytics/RAIDS Online– Has taken crime mapping software technology to another dimension.  The popularity of this product has given law enforcement agencies and the general public, nationwide, more crime data available for analysis, often online. In its mission to innovate and spearhead crime analysis, BAIR played a pivotal … Continue reading BAIR Analytics: Crime Maps

April 21, 2015