The Haunted Housing Hour

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Robb Phillips and Kathy Shepard

You can watch their investigation on the Discovery Channel: The Haunting!

The Haunted Housing Hour

In October 2011, Amelia and Calvin Braddy move into an 19th century house in Hampton, Tennessee. Calvin works maintenance at a restaurant while Amelia is a stay at home mother to their two young children five year old Sarah and one year old Chelsea. One morning Amelia hears noises and looks around, but finds nothing that is causing it. Days later, Amelia hears a voice of a child and believes it’s Sarah calling her. The baseboard heater is then mysteriously ripped off the wall in the girls’ bedroom causing spark and smoke. After the firefighters come, one of them tells Amelia about the history in the place how a mother accidentally caused a fire that killed her and her three children a decade earlier. Sarah then begins talking to “imaginary friends” who quickly scare her, which turn out to be the spirit of the children who were killed. Amelia, a believer of the paranormal, tries to convince Calvin of the haunting. Calvin however doesn’t believe her, but the next day he comes face to face with a dark figure while Amelia is out shopping with the girls. He keeps it to himself to not worry Amelia. One night, the dark figure returns sucking the life out of Calvin while he’s sleeping. He believes it’s not the children behind it. With no family to turn to or having the money to move, the family is stuck is the house. After several more incidents, Amelia calls paranormal investigator Robb Phillips who lives in nearby Jonesborough, Tennessee to help them. He and his assistant Kathy Shephard uncover that the house was one a half-way house for male prisoners in the 1920s and a man was shot outside on the porch. Amelia is attacked during the investigation by a demonic entity that Rob and Kathy believe are holding the other spirits captive. They hold a ritual in an attempt to rid the house of the evil entity once and set the other spirits free. However several days later, Chelsea is beginning to walk, and while Amelia has her back turned, she comes to realize that the demon has unlocked the door to the high balcony and put Chelsea out there. Panicking, Amelia bangs on the door and tries to unlock the door and it finally opens, so she can carry Chelsea to safety. The family decides to move out of the house. With the children safe with their grandma, Calvin and Amelia pack up, and as they are about to leave, the doors and windows slam and shut, trying to trap them. Luckily Calvin and Amelia run out of the house to safety.

Tindell’s Building Materials

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Tindell’s Building Materials -ENERGY STAR Partner

For over a hundred years, the Tindell name has been associated with wood in one form or another. In 1907, the hills of East Tennessee provided the beginning of the family tradition when Fate Tindell began producing lumber from his steam-powered sawmill. The father of 16 children began his sawmill by buying and cutting timber in Knox, Union and Anderson counties, moving his sawmill from one timber tract to another.Tindells_Log_Mill_T

By the time of the Depression, Mr. Tindell had acquired a large amount of land including tracts in the Halls area of Knoxville. With the establishment of good roads, he set up a permanent sawmill on a tract in Halls. The Depression took its toll and he lost most of his other properties to satisfy notes that he had co-signed, but he managed to keep the sawmill operation.

In 1938, Francis Tindell joined his father in the saw milling business and continued the business upon the forced retirement of Fate due to the amputation of both legs caused by diabetes. A planing mill was added in 1948 and Francis began selling lumber to builders in the Knoxville area.

During the 1950’s, Paul Tindell joined his father in the business and the transition from a sawmill operation to a building material business began to evolve. Tindell’s Building Supply was established. Appropriately, the first building material center was located across the road from the sawmill.

In 1960, the second sales and supply center was opened in nearby Maynardville. This officially transferred the tradition of growth from saw milling to building materials. Upon Francis’ death in 1964, his other son, Carl, joined his brother at Tindell’s. A cousin, Richard Tindell, joined the company during the 60’s.

In 1972, Tindell’s expanded once again with the opening of an Oak Ridge location and a roof truss operation in Halls. As Tindell’s began to grow during the 70’s, Carl Tindell purchased his brother’s share of the business and became the sole owner and President of Tindell’s. In 1979, Tindell’s expanded once again opening another building material center in LaFollette.

During the 80’s, Tindell’s merged the Maynardville center with the Halls facility and started installing garage doors for its customers. Later, installation of fireplaces and vinyl siding was added. In 1989, the original sales and service center was moved into a newly constructed building across the road. The first Tindell lumber yard center still stands and is where the Corporate Office resides today.

In 1993 a new facility was acquired in the Karns area of Knoxville to house our expanding truss manufacturing plant. A Millwork Division was added in 1995. In 1997 Installed Sales added the services of insulation and punch-out. Our fourth retail facility was opened in Sevierville in 1997 and the International Division exported building materials to Korea. Our President, Carl Tindell, served as Chairman of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association during 1997.

A decline in the new home construction market as well as an unusually rainy first six months of 1998 caused Tindell’s to reduce its projected sales and streamline its operations to meet this reduction. However, starting in July of 1998, sales steadily increased with October being the highest month. The company’s market plan developed during the last half of 1998 and proposed to position Tindell’s for growth during 1999 via a customer relationship management approach.

Record sales of over $31,000,000 during 1999 indicated that Tindell’s re-engineering over the prior couple of years had indeed positioned the company as a strong leader among its competitors as well as in the building material industry.



 Prudent Energy Systems- Scott Higgins:


We are a full service home performance building company serving the Knoxville area.  Our services include:

We work to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, eradicate any indoor air quality and other safety problems at the source, and optimize building durability and integrity.  Capable of working as a 3rd party verifier or as a turnkey performance contractor, we will work to ensure your goals are achieved. We’re certified, verified, and have over 20 years of experience under our tool belt.

Feel free to call us or shoot an email for a free consultation, where you’ll speak with a friendly customer service representative trained to walk you through exactly what sort of work we do on a day-to-day basis to improve homes like yours, as well as what energy efficiency rebates and tax credits may be available in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!